We live and act in an information driven society. Thanks to the evolving internet, mobile phones and tablet devices we can access any information, anywhere and at anytime. More than 70 percent of this information is location based, so it is needless to say that geoinformation management is getting more and more important.

Over the past decades our society has evolved into an information driven society. With the rise of mobile phones and tablet computers this evolution has almost become a revolution. More than 70 percent of the information in our information driven society is location based. This means it has a spatial reference, within a certain timeframe. This geoinformation goes way beyond Google Earth, GPS-devices or 3D-modelling. It means you can look up your own house in the land registry. It means the cable company knows where to start digging for cables in order to replace them, but also what possible physical interactions or safety issues do apply, like sewerage, gas-transport piping of environmental issues. And it means that environmental organizations know what parts of the rainforests still exist and what parts are in danger of being cut down.

Center of Excellence Geoinformation Management
Needless to say that geoinformation is essential. That’s why Royal HaskoningDHV has established the Center of Excellence Geoinformation management. It’s our ambition and mission to add value for all of our clients, being the front runner in the geoinformation and data intelligence. We offer our services to different business areas, from transport and water to maritime, rail and urban planning. All of our geoinformation experts have a scientific background in a range of specific domains. This allows them to easily communicate with their colleagues and clients and understand their needs. We also guarantee state-of-the-art technical knowledge.

Royal HaskoningDHV is official business partner of ESRI. Esri helps organizations map and model our world. Esri’s GIS technology enables them to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions. They are supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff and foster business partners with software, technology, data, hardware, system integrator to ensure product compatibility and explore new technologies. Esri works closely with major technology leaders such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, and others.

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